Best LoL Shop Is Reopening!

Dear LoL Shop Fans, we have great news for you! Our service is back online with the support of Dan Halgin.

It was a difficult time for us, the admins of Best LoL Shop, these last couple of years. A ton of competition, personal issues, and lack of interest in RIOT’s product. We used to stay on top of the competition and keep things running smooth and fast, but then we faced some blocks that we couldn’t figure out.

But things are changing now! With the newest league updates, the new in-game items, BE, skins and other elements we feel like we can offer WAY more than before.

Currently we are in the stage of setting up the entire backend system and recovering our forum.

By the way big thanks to Dan Halgin, who volunteered to support and host us for the starting phase. Shout out to the man!

Our future steps are looking very promising, since we have a new tracking system for league updates, which helps tremendously catch the latest trends and provide our players the most valuable skins and champions.

Also we would like to mention the new system of an in-game shop system that has been updated in 2021, heres a quick guide for you guys to keep the ball rolling!

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